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This versatile stand can be used for a variety of masks and helmets, making it perfect for Halloween enthusiasts and collectors. The sturdy base ensures your masks or helmets stay securely in place, while the adjustable height allows for easy customization to fit your display needs. With KreationX adjustable mask stands, your masks will be the center of attention.

Adjustable Mask or Helmet Stand

  • Constructed from durable, ABS PVC, these mask stands will be perfect to display your collectible mask, busts, helmets, hats and more. The dome topper can be left on for masks and helmets, or removed for foam filled busts. The poles provided can also be cut down for an even more customizable size. Adjustable from 12” to 20" tall. Further adjust the hight by easliy cutting down 1 pole with any hand saw. 

    The Stand is great for:
    Don Post Masks
    Star Wars Helemts
    Racing Helmets
    Display Masks or Busts
    Movie prop heads

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