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The story behind the Alien Stunt Mask

KreationX will be offering a limited amount of copies from a mold made off of a 1978 Alien stunt mask. Below is a backstory on the mold from one if its co-creators.

"Gene Crowell

Mar. 23rd 2015

Here's the official story on this Alien casting because I was there! Back in 1987 Washington D.C. makeup artist Tim Davis got a 3-piece foam master pull of the original Fox studio H.R. Giger Alien head from Ed at Distortions. It was the same foam master Distortions used to make their production run pieces. When Tim got the master in, he re-sculpted the 2-dimensional teeth to make them more rounded and added an inner row of teeth to make it more screen accurate. He also sculpted several top spines that were missing from the casting. Tim made a beautifully flawless two piece plaster mold on it.

He produced about 6 castings between 1989-1996 and Jim Lawrence painted at least 4 of them. The mold then was placed in storage from 1996 until the end of 2014 when Tim sold it to Mike Thomas of KreationX right before he passed away in February 2015. This history of this piece is also documented in the David Lady Movie and TV Mask Book. I've been collecting masks for over 30 years and this is one of the most incredible movie mold masks I've ever seen."

Here are some photos of the mask before it was molded, and after the teeth and spines were added, along with a prototype finished by KreationX.

Originally Alien Stunt Mask Prop

Originally Alien Stunt Mask Prop

Originally Alien Stunt Mask Prop

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